Friday, May 28, 2010


Practice is life. The two are not separate, just two expressions of the same thing. The time I spend on my mat is a chance to remove extraneous variables and watch myself respond to triggers. What happens when I am tired or uncomfortable? I notice impatience and frustration come up. Hmm. What to do with that? I can express it by forcing poses and letting the breath disintegrate into a raspy mess. Experience suggests that I'll be happier with another choice. So, what to do then? Sit back, watch the physical expression of frustration. Notice areas of tension. Concentrate the breath there. Notice what happens on the inhale. Notice what happens on the exhale. Use what is accessible, body and breath, to change what is not.

Asana practice is a laboratory for my life. It's a place to remove the complications of extraneous circumstances and look at the essence, fundamentals and common threads. It's my chance to slow down the pace and catch myself in moments of fear, discomfort, or ego...and to see what happens when I choose a different response than what I might elect out of habit.


  1. I really really liked this.

  2. Hi Flo,

    Thanks for reading and glad you liked the post!

  3. Extremely well put!!! Might I add,, we also observe those places where we experience the spaciousness, the peace, the contentment and Bliss.
    You did a good job of describing the inner experience of yoga!

    Donna O. of Ancient of Days Yoga center

  4. Hi Donna,

    Absolutely true!...and I agree, just as important to observe the moments of contentment and peace.
    Thanks for reading!