Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Registration and Practice

I successfully registered at the shala with Sharath on Monday afternoon and started practice yesterday morning.

Registration was intimidating!  I filled out yet another form and handed over photocopy of passport and visa page, plus another passport photo to the woman who was directing registration.  She asked each person whether they were a beginner or whether they were practicing.  If we answered that we were practicing, then we were asked who our teacher is.  When I answered her questions, she gave me a nod and sent me in to Sharath's office to register with him.
Again, I went through the same questions with Sharath:
"Are you a beginner or are you practicing."
"I'm practicing."
"With whom?"
"David Keil"
This answer was received with a nod of acceptance and I was entered into the computer, paid, and was given a shala card.

Practice was lovely.  I woke up yesterday with an awful cold.  It wasn't entirely a surprise.  I was half expecting a cold as that's what usually happens if I lose some sleep and my immune system is a little off.  Practice was a great help in clearing the congestion and giving me some energy back.  I took it easy in the afternoon and got some rest.

I had another really lovely practice this morning.  It's fun to return to primary and work some of the bits that I tend to gloss over when I only do it once a week.

A beginning Yoga Sutra study class begins tonight at the shala, so looking forward to getting a greater depth of understanding of the sutra.


  1. I can't be there in Mysore so I'm happy to read about your journey. I hope you enjoy the experience, and keep blogging!

  2. Thanks Yyogini! It's quite an experience for me. By nature, I'm a "nester" and like to stay home. I'm really not a traveler so this is a big leap for me to come at all, especially alone. I'm really enjoying the experience though and starting to feel like I'm settling in a bit.

  3. Great to hear all the news, hope you are feeling better and thanks for sharing your experiences! Do you have a typical day established yet? And -- how's the food??

    Namaste, cold here in Gainesville but warm in the studio =)

  4. Thanks Bob! It's fun to have you all following along on the adventure. My cold is finally starting to trail off; I'm looking forward to getting some extra rest tomorrow on our day off. Nope, there really isn't a "typical" day. Practice time keeps shifting up a bit as people leave and every day is a little bit different. The food is great! I have had some mix of Indian food, Taiwanese food, and hippy-vegetarian type food each day depending on which places are open and when I have time to eat.
    Sending you warmth from's hot here!

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Nice blog.