Monday, February 11, 2013


I wasn't able to register at the shala yesterday as it was a moon day and they weren't registering new folks until the next day. In all the crossing of time zones, I had completely forgotten the moon day!  I'm hoping to register at the shala this afternoon and begin practice tomorrow morning.

I had breakfast at the rooftop cafe on top of the hotel where I'm staying this morning.  There's a great view of the neighborhood from there.  I will take the camera up at some point and get some pictures.

I met a nice Ashtangi from Italy at breakfast who gave me a walking tour of a bit more of the area, so am starting to feel more oriented. We stopped by the coconut stand, among other places, and I drank my first coconut...yum!

I watched someone's dog chase a cow up the street; the cow tried to swish him away with her tail.

My first chanting session at the shala was this afternoon...apparently I can come to chanting without having registered at the shala for practice yet...the rules are very fluid and somewhat mysterious....
In addition to learning specific chants, we practice chanting each of the names in the primary series and the numbers from 1 to 30.  This is fantastic!  I enjoy learning new chants, but I'd really like to tidy up my pronunciation of the poses and numbers that I say everyday.  Good stuff!

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