Sunday, February 10, 2013


Whew!  I'm here, albeit a bit discombobulated.  The first flight left Gainesville on Friday Feb. 8 at 1:30 and I arrived at my hotel/apartment at about 9:30 am Sunday morning Mysore time.

Wifi is down today at the place I'm staying, so I wandered around the area until I found someone who looked like an Ashtangi and asked to be pointed in the direction of an internet cafe...using a very slooow computer now, but feeling connected to the world again!

A few random first impressions:  the toll just on the road to Mysore just outside the airport says "Happy Traveling" (or something similar...should have written it down) instead of the boring "Paid"

Once the sun started to come up on the drive from the Bangalore airport to Mysore I realized that what looked like an orange plastic lobster dangling from the driver's rearview mirror was actually an orange plastic Hanuman (the monkey god)...that made so much more sense than the lobster.

Later this afternoon, I go to register at the shala.  First practice should be tomorrow morning assuming I've done everything I'm supposed as far as registration goes.

More to come...hoping for a good night's's 10 and a half hours ahead of Gainesville time here...

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