Monday, February 21, 2011

Being a Student...

I'm spending the week practicing with my teacher.....ahhhhh. There is just no substitute for time with your own teacher.
It makes for some intense practices when the opportunities arise only a couple times a year though.
Today's practice may have set a record for the number of times I looked up at my teacher during practice with a look that said: "Are you insane?!"...and then proceeded to put my best effort towards whatever seemly crazy request was being made.

That is of course why I have a teacher. :-)


  1. Oh I give that look every class too. Sometimes I collapse on the floor from failing an attempt so badly. I love my teacher too :)

  2. I imagine every teacher knows that look well! I certainly see it in my students faces now and then...always makes me smile! :)

  3. Hahaha! It's good to hear that you are capable of making this look, too!

  4. Yep, there was a moment today when David looked at me and then burst out laughing...apparently I had quite a look on my!