Saturday, July 24, 2010

David Keil Returns to Gainesville

I've been really blessed to have found amazing teachers along the Ashtanga yoga path. They have all provided insights and invaluable encouragement along the way. Now that the time I spend with them is limited due to distance, I especially look forward to the few weeks/weekends I spend with them each year.

The next circled dates on my calendar are at the end of August (Aug. 30-Sept. 3). David Keil, my primary Mysore teacher is coming to town. For 5 days, I get to turn my studio and my students over to David...and I get to be a student myself. The night before a week of Mysore classes with David is like Christmas Eve for me. I'm so excited for the next morning to arrive that the alarm can't come early enough!

Stay Tuned for a Guest Blog Post by David on what Mysore style Ashtanga practice is all about!

The mental countdown of weeks has already begun...and I'm storing up a mental list of questions about practice and teaching. I'll be blogging during the week and sharing it here. :)

If you're in the area (or not) and want to join in the fun (August 30-Sept. 3), the details are on the workshop page of the website....only 4 spaces left!

If you can't make it to Gainesville, catch David in Tampa at the beautiful Treehouse Yoga, Sept.27-Oct.1


  1. Dear Christine
    He's great. His friend Reinaldo, also from Miami, was my first Mysore teacher. I used to take classes with David when Yoga Grove was in its previous location and sometimes practiced with him too in different locations around Miami.

  2. Hi Arturo,

    You bring back great memories of my few years in Miami! I practiced at Yoga Grove in their second for location and then practiced with David and his wife Gretchen at their home studio. I was sad to see Yoga Grove had closed, but have really enjoyed dropping in at Miami Life Center when I'm in town.

    Thanks for dropping in!