Friday, July 9, 2010


Some random thoughts on balance in life...

This past post from Jason apparently hit home when I read it because it's still on my mind 2 months later...

When I'm faced with two equally good options of how to spend my time or when I'm faced with one activity I feel obliged to spend time on and one I want to spend time on, I tend to have the same initial response...I'll do both! Unfortunately, the decision to do it all does not in fact change the available number of hours in the day...

As an Ashtangi with a day job and teaching responsibilities, I'm still wrestling with this. When I'm running a little short on hours in the day, I tend to steal them from sleep.

Some creative schedule management has resulted in squeezing an extra 30 minutes or so of sleep into my morning and I'm definitely feeling it. More sleep = a stronger and more alert practice = a more alert day = better decisions made during the day.

All the same, I think I'd love to be one of those people who can really function on say 5 hours sleep...


  1. And this post hit home with me! I'll probably remember it two months from now. *grin*

    I 'steal from sleep' all the time. My Astanga practice has been an enabler in this regard. I suffer from a bit of practice-induced insomnia.

    As much as I sometimes believe I *am* one of those people who can run on 5 hours of sleep, I really can't and it always catches up with me, usually on my 'day off' when I end up napping instead of enjoying my free time.

    The proof is in my practice, though: my best practice this week was on Thursday, after 8 hours of sleep.

    When will I ever learn?

  2. Kai,

    So glad it's not just me! It's nice to know I have some company on the days I'm a bit "zombie-like" :)

    I had some practice-induced insomnia as well when I first started intermediate. I remember it took a several months before it seemed like my body got used to all the backbending!

    The proof is indeed in the practice! My best practices almost always follow a full night's sleep. Hopefully, by posting on this I'll make myself a little more accountable. :)