Saturday, August 29, 2009

Days 4&5: Mysore Workshop with David Keil

Since time seems to have gotten away from me, I'm combining some thoughts that have surfaced since my last 2 practices in David's workshop. The results of the last 5 days of practice are now settling into my body and my thoughts have shifted to the energetic aspects of this yoga practice. I remain fascinated by the ways in which this yoga practice brings physical practices together (breath, bandha, driste) to produce something larger than its composite parts (energy). Additionally, when a group of practitioners come together to practice, another whole layer of energy is produced. The various practitioners in the group support one another energetically as the whole group moves and breathes their way through the practice sequence. Although those statements still sound a bit "New Agey" to my ears, they describe my experience, none the less. I am extremely grateful to everyone who came out to be a part of the practice groups this week and hope they too took away some part of the group energy and will be inspired to continue their practice.

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