Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I've Moved!

Hello cyberspace Ashtanga community!

It's been almost exactly four years since I posted anything in this space. So much has happened in the intervening years. I've never stopped writing. It's just that my writing energy has been directed towards other projects.
...and I no longer live in Gainesville, so the name doesn't quite fit anymore.

I moved to beautiful Asheville, North Carolina where, with my partner and our good friend, we are planting seeds for a Mysore community. Slowly, slowly, the seeds are sprouting.
But before I left Gainesville, I put everything else on hold for six months and completed the wonderful program at the Florida School of Massage.
Now in Asheville, I'm incorporating a deeper understanding of anatomy and kinesiology from both an analytical perspective and a visceral perspective into what I can offer as a Mysore teacher.
I love the work. Things are good.

Now though, having settled into a new place, I'm writing again in a public way. If you enjoyed reading here and want to follow my new projects, you can follow my new blogs here:

Love to you all!

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