Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Being a Tourist

My time in India is almost up.  My last Mysore practice is tomorrow morning, then led classes Friday and Sunday mornings, then I'm on a plane home Monday morning.  It's been a great experience overall, but I will be happy to return home to see my husband and to have a real shower that doesn't involve a bucket.

I've tried to keep this trip focused.  I'm here primarily to practice and study, so I've limited the number of touristy things that I've done.  There were a few non-yoga related things that I wanted to see and do while I was here though.

So here's what I've been up to in between asana practice, chanting, Yoga Sutra class, and Sanskrit class...sorry no seems there are some unresolveable issues with my camera.  I've included some links though.  If you're interested you can check them out.

There was a really nice self-guided audio tour of Mysore Palace which filled in a lot of history of the area for me.  It also made me smile to walk through the palace and think of Krishnamacharya teaching yoga to little Pattabhi Jois in that palace all those years ago.

The walk up the 1008 steps to the temple at Chamundi Hill was one of my favorite touristy activities.  I climbed the steps with another girl early on a Saturday morning when it was still quiet and cool.  The locals were stretching at the bottom of the hill getting ready to jog the steps.

The Mysore Zoo was also a lot of fun.  I was impressed with the number of species of crocodile, caiman, and snakes that they had....a number of species that I had never seen in a zoo before.  It was pretty cool to see a king cobra and a green anaconda...behind glass of course.

The Green Hotel was also fun to visit.  It's a much smaller palace with it's own history built for some of Mysore's princesses.  They've turned it into a hotel with an attached restaurant.  They had an amazing buffet dinner there one Friday evening.

Kukkarahalli Lake is the one spot that I haven't been to yet, but am hoping to go.  They have limited hours (early morning and evening only) and I am usually in practice or at a class when the walking path around the lake is open.  Our class on the Yoga Sutra has ended though, so I'm hoping to make it over to the lake on Friday evening and walk the ~3 mile path around the lake.  I'm really curious to see what kind of plant life is growing in the more natural areas.

Links below to all of these places if you're curious...


Chamundi Hills

The Mysore Zoo

The Green Hotel

Kukkarahalli Lake

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