Friday, June 1, 2012

Breathe and Move with Attention

Tonight was my last dance class for the season.  Just about every Friday evening, you can find me taking modern dance classes at the studio that feeds our local dance company.  We have the summers off, so no more dance until September.

My teaching bio on my web page says this: "The joy of movement without performance and of meditation in motion keeps her practicing"...and it is very much the truth.

I am not a very coordinated dancer.  I often end on the wrong foot and I'm slow at committing the movement to memory.  The incredible feeling of movement in the body makes up for all of that.

It feels wonderful to move to body, to feel the release of deep stretch, and to feel to steadiness of strength.

Sometimes we make practice too complicated, ask too much from it, and expect too much from it.

Most of us were born with full capabilities to breathe and move.  As children, there was no other way to breathe and move than with full attention to the moment.

On a clear day, practice is just a returning to simplicity.  Breathe and move with attention.


  1. Thank you Christine, beautiful post:)

  2. I like this very much. And I respect you enormously for taking dance classes. Very cool.

  3. Thanks Abhyasa!

    ...and Thanks Megan! Modern dance is challenging in different ways than practice. It feels good to keep challenging brain and body in new ways. :)

  4. Lovely post. Makes me want to go dancing!
    "Sometimes we make practice too complicated, ask too much from it, and expect too much from it." How true! In life as well as practice!