Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 2

Ahhh...second day of practice with my teacher and all the sticky places are opening up and things are settling into place. The intensity and depth of intermediate tends to catch me by surprise in these weeks where I have David's help to nudge things into less explored territory. One of the surprises of this week so far is that the usual feeling of being sort of knocked over by a wave of energy right about kapotasana is not happening. Breath control continues to improve and there's now more a feeling of riding the wave than being knocked under water by it.

SI joint issues were much improved today and I was actually able to get the leg behind the head without pain...and enjoyed one of my favorite adjustments in eka pada shirshasana!
Highlight: I got a "good" in nakrasana!...woo hoo!! Compliments from my teacher are gold...that one will keep me going for months. :)


  1. Yay! I'm glad your SI is on the mend. Curious, what is your favourite adjustment in Eka Pada? My teacher is pretty spare with praise too. Whenever I get a 'good', I tuck it away to be brought out at some later date, when I'm filled with despair. Nakrasana makes me a bit nervous (I'm not there yet, of course). I've heard nightmare tales of broken fingers. Is that for real?!

  2. Thanks Kai!..each day there's been less soreness and it's feeling better. David starts everyone out doing small controlled hops in nakrasana so I think the chances of broken fingers are minimized early on. I could see how the momentum of landing could go wrong though if you got a lot of height and then didn't land well. At the moment, it's all I can do to find enough lift to leave the mat, so I'm not worried yet! :)