Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Question for the Cybershala...

Two weeks from today, I'll be listening to my teacher talk about one of the things he is most fascinated by: human anatomy!

I'll be at David Keil's anatomy workshop soaking up as much as I possibly can in a weekend. It's been about 3 years since I last took one of David's anatomy workshops and a lot has changed. I have new questions about my practice and about students' practices that I'm working with. I'm looking forward to bringing some of those questions to David.

So, that brings me to a question for the cyber shala:
What are your yoga-anatomy related questions that you'd like David to address?

While I have some questions of my own to ask, I'm also happy to pass on any questions to David while I'm there.


  1. Hi Christine, that's great I would love to study with him one day too. My question is, what is the best way to avoid a hamstring tear. Although I have never had this problem myself it seems common in the astanga community. When I went to Mysore I took a day trip and I was the only person in a group of about 8 people who had not torn their hamstring! I have my own thoughts on this but would love to hear his views, maybe you already know?

  2. Hi Helen,
    That's a great question! I'll pass it along to David. I haven't had that happen to me either(knock on wood!) but I also have met lots of people who have.

  3. I need to think of some questions to pass onto you this week!

  4. All questions are welcome...and I promise to report back! :)