Friday, February 19, 2010

It Comes Back to Practice

...on with the yoga sutra...

In sutras 1.17-1.11, Patanjali describes each of the five fluctuations in more detail, but in sutra 1.12 he comes back to the point of how to get to "yoga", where "yoga" is "the suspension of these fluctuations".

and the answer is... Practice.

Yoga sutra 1.12 "The suspension of these fluctuations is through practice and detachment."
-Gregor Maehle translation

1.13 "Practice is the steadfast effort to still these fluctuations." -Iyengar translation


There is a lot I could say about how important a consistent practice is to me, but nothing I say can possibly convey what that practice has and does teach me. I learn from my practice every day. As I said in a comment on a fellow Ashtangi's blog, I would not trade the work that I do each day in practice for anything. There is nothing like it.

I like that Patanjali points out that "long, uninterrupted" practice is the path to a quiet mind. It reminds me that there is no hurry and no expectation of instant success (whatever that might look like). If the road to a quiet mind is expected to be a long one, then it seems the best course of action is to relax and enjoy the journey...and the longer that I maintain a consistent practice, the more possible that seems!


  1. Christine, it is good to see that you are exploring the yog sutras in some depth. I agree with you when you say "enjoy the journey". As per the yoga philosophy (as given in chapter 2 of the sutras), one may need more than one lives to achieve perfection in controlling mind's fluctuations.

    I have been studying the sutras for a while now and have compiled some resources that you might be interested in:

    Yoga Sutra Study Group (blog):
    Translation of Yoga Sutras by 7 different authors:
    Audio recording of all the sutras:
    Useful yoga sutra links:

    I would love to get your feedback. Thanks.
    Happy yoga journey!

  2. Hello Subhash,

    Thanks for the comments! I agree, one life may not be enough! :)
    Also thanks for the resources. It will be great to have some more resources on hand as I continue to read the sutras.