Monday, January 11, 2010

Yoga Sutra: 1:1 Yoga Begins Now.

One of the fundamental texts to describe the art of yoga is the Yoga Sutra. As a student of yoga, I have read sections of the Yoga Sutra, but I've never read the whole thing with commentary. This spring, I'm reading my way through it and sharing my thoughts here.

A few caveats:
I'm most certainly not a Sanskrit or any other kind of scholar. I read and share only as a student who is fascinated by what those wiser yogis in the past had to say about this amazing discipline.
I hope you'll all ride along and share your thoughts as well.

Book 1: Sutra 1 Translation: B.K.S. Iyengar
"With prayers for divine blessings, now begins an exposition of the sacred art of yoga."

My thoughts:
I have 3 translations of the Yoga Sutra and each translates the first sutra a little differently. The one thing that is common to all of them is the word "now". The path of yoga begins wherever I am when I start. It begins "now". It doesn't begin when I am more flexible or stronger or calmer or wiser. Each day, I get up again and start exactly where I am, "now".

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